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Exports of Grain, Pulse and Seeds
in Containers

Our company has developed an exclusive service for container shipment of bulk food cargo (grain, pulse, seeds etc.) in dry sea containers for exports.

Container shipments of grain have the following advantages:

From 20 tonnes

Possibility to send in batches from 20 tonnes, without the need to accumulate shiploads

Low unit cost of shipment

Low unit cost of shipment even in small batches (no need to freight a vessel, fast turnover of funds, availability of direct export shipments for small and medium-sized businesses)

Guarantee of cargo safety

Guarantee of the safety and integrity of cargo - the cargo shall be delivered to the consignee in an isolated container without transshipment and repacking

Ease of delivery

High speed and ease of delivery to any country, including landlocked countries

Loading in bulk

Possibility to load in bulk, without packaging or tare

General view of grain loading into container:

Sending grain in bulk in dry sea containers is carried out according to the following scheme:

Empty containers are spotted to the customer's Grain Storage for loading. The process of loading is carried out with the help of a special grain thrower, while ensuring high safety of the cargo and eliminating its spillage

Containers and cargo are subject to mandatory fumigation

Loaded containers are weighed and delivered to port by own vehicles of Mangust Co.Ltd

Loaded containers are shipped to the port of Novorossiysk with a feeder. From the port of Novorossiysk loaded containers are forwarded to the country of destination

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